Since 2002 Piotr together with his wife Agnieszka run the worship ministry called “misja 22:22” (“mission 22:22”).  One of the ministry main objectives is to see a breakthrough for God’s glory on earth. Their ministry encourages prophetic worship with an emphasis on God’s glory, intercession and spiritual warfare.


The name “mission 22:22” refers to the key of the house of David (Is. 22:22).

We work for a breakthrough, opening the spiritual “house of David” with all his treasures - a place of glorious worship and intimacy with God for David’s offspring in Jesus - all nations. Of these nations Poland is our first calling.

We want to see the manifestation of God’s glory and the “Tabernacle of David” rebuild (Am.9:11-15 ; Acts. 15:16-18).

Our desire is to lead people into God’s presence, pointing to Him and giving Him the place that belongs to Him.


  1. -training leaders and local worship teams in churches

  2. -leading worship schools and worshops

  3. -leading worship and preaching at conferences and church services

  4. -connecting professional skills with spiritual anointing through collaboration with professional musicians

  5. -building spiritual bridges between churches (worship steps beyond the denominational   divisions)

Mission 22:22 in the recent years has ministered also in Germany, Italy, Czech Republik, Austria, England, India, USA.


worship leader, teacher, former professional musician, engaged in the ministry since he met Jesus in 1986. In the last years he has collaborated with many internationally recognized worship leaders such Don Potter, Suzy Wills Yaraey (USA), Evan Schoombie (RSA), Peter Helms (Canada, Holland), John de Jong (GB) and others.


prophetic intercessor, warrior of faith, full of spiritual discernment. Together with Piotr she’s responsable for discipling the coworkers of the  “mission 22:22”. Gifted in management, she coordinates the ministry of our mission.

Piotr and Agnieszka Płecha
the worship ministry



  for God’s glory

misja 22:22
breakthrough for God’s glory on earth